Folly Farm Park Review

When we took our holiday in Pembrokeshire, one thing I really wanted to do was visit Folly Farm Park.  While we were staying at Bluestone National Park Resort, we were lucky enough to be able to spend lots of time with our friends,  Kaz and Pickle from Ickle Pickles Life and Travels.  They have become great friends of ours over the course of our blogging journey and it was lovely to be able to catch up with them during our holiday. As a surprise, Kaz very … Continue Reading »

Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘n’ Swap Doll Review

I have to admit one of the great things about writing this blog is that it gives my daughters the chance to try toys that they might not otherwise get to play with.  We were recently sent the Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘n’ Swap Doll Spot Splatter Splash set to take a look at and see what we thought. Share This:


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Things I Will Never Do To My Kids

There are lots of posts on the internet about how we can be better parents to our children.  With so many tips and pieces of advice flying around I know it can feel very overwhelming, especially for a first time parent. With so many opinions from friends, family and even the internet, it can be impossible to figure out which is the right route for us to take, in a world that is expecting us to achieve perfection in the parenting stakes. I thought I … Continue Reading »

How Huggies Little Swimmers Make Swimming Easy

Before we went on our recent holiday we spent a lot of time taking our daughters swimming to get the ready to enjoy their time in the pool.  As a Huggies Little Swimmers Get Set Splash Ambassador we are on a mission to encourage parents to take their little ones for a splash around anytime.  It doesn’t have to be a faff if you are always prepared and it’s great fun for you and your children. I vlogged about our experience, why we needed to make … Continue Reading »

Al Fresco Holidays – Tamarit Park Review

Al Fresco Holidays was a new concept to us, but as a family with young children who enjoy travelling we were keen to give it a go.  Can you believe our visit to Tamarit Park was our first holiday together as a family this year considering how much I talk about family travel? That’s the problem with having a big age gap family, getting us all on the same trip can be a challenge.  Daddy was definitely ready for a break and the kids … Continue Reading »

Awesome Holiday Deals From Jet2holidays incl Paris Disney

Awesome Holiday Deals From Jet2holidays Jet2holidays have come to the rescue again with a bunch of holiday deals that are going to save you a whole heap of cash when it comes to booking your next holiday or picking up a late deal. 2017 Holiday Sale Now On! Booking early can save you a whole heap of cash on your next holiday.  The Jet2holiday sale is now on and you can save a whooping £100 per person on your booking.  Hurry though, this … Continue Reading »

My Weekly Photo – Happy Sisters

Hello readers and welcome back to my weekly photo.  I have another double episode for you this week as I didn’t share a post last week.  You might remember we were going on holiday and I had had a bit of a nasty accident the week before. It made for a very busy week trying to get on top of my work load and hobbling around trying to get us packed to go on holiday. Fortunately, it all came together and we were only … Continue Reading »

How to get your Child Started on Saving

As a parent, one of our primary motivations is to provide for our children, and to ensure that the household finances are secure. The most obvious way to do so is to save diligently. Both us and future generations are experiencing increasingly expensive times ours and the last thing we want is for our youngsters to have a less than prosperous future.  A recent study revealed that 68% of people living in the UK believe that today’s children will be worse off when they … Continue Reading »

Tengi App Challenge & Review

You might remember that a few weeks ago I introduced you to the Tengi Messenger App.  For the last 2 weeks me and a group of other bloggers have been putting it through it’s paces as official #TengiBloggers.  It’s been cool keeping up with Mel from Diary of a Jewellery Lover, my bessie Kaz from Ickle Pickle’s Life and Travels and Aby from You Baby Me Mummy.  There are ten of us all together, but rather than list them all here I’ll drop a … Continue Reading »

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How To Make A Home Special With Second Hand Furniture

Second hand furniture is becoming more and more popular for using to decorate a new or existing home. Whether your moving house or just want to create a new look in the home you are already in, second hand furniture can come to your rescue every time, bringing you in on budget and creating a unique look you really won’t find anywhere else. Share This:

Fluffimals Fluffy Factory Review + Giveaway

Have you heard of Fluffimals Fluffy Factory yet?  I have to admit it was a new one on me when they got in touch, but when I looked into it a little bit more I got really excited.  Fluffimals Fluffy Factory allows you to make a cuddly toy of your own at home.  I literally jumped at the chance to review it and was really looking forward to sharing it with the kids. Fluffimals Fluffy Factory Review We received a Fluffimals Fluffy Factory and an … Continue Reading »

7 Reasons To Go On A Breckenridge Family Holiday

Breckenridge is a beautiful and unique mountain town found in the Rockie Mountains near Colorado in the US.  I’ve always loved the thought of visiting somewhere like Breckenridge, a town which, unlike others in America, still has a feel of the Wild West about it. As a kid growing up in the UK I used to watch the Beverly Hill Billies and a particular favourite was Little House on the Prairie.  Some readers of my blog might be a bit young to remember these … Continue Reading »

Easy Jerk Chicken & How To #Win a Holiday to Aruba

Aruba is one of the lesser known islands in the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela.  For some reason it’s not quite as popular as it’s neighbours in the Lesser Antilles such as Trinidad & Tobago or Antigua even though it’s just as stunning as a holiday destination. Share This:

Tips For Finding A Dementia Care Home

Dementia is such a challenging illness for those who are suffering from it, and for family and friends to deal with.  The jury is out for me for who is effected worse by the illness, but I do know that having dementia can mean that some changes are needed to look after the patients health and well being. Share This:

Bing Bunny Ravensburger Puzzle Review

For those of you not in the know, Bing Bunny is a cute bunny from CBeebies.  He’s another big favourite of both my daughters.  You are probably thinking that we watch a lot of CBeebies, and in reality we do.  It’s our favourite children’s TV channel and features lots of great shows.  Bing and his friends are learning and discovering all about the world around them in much the same way as my 4 year old is.  He has lots of friends that … Continue Reading »

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The Best Things To Do With Kids In Dubai + Holiday #Giveaway!

Dubai probably isn’t the first place that you think of when you are planning an affordable family holiday.  It’s a holiday destination that conjures up pictures of huge yachts and luxurious hotels, so it must cost a fortune to go there, right? Actually, it might not be as costly as you might think.  Dubai has been attracting more and more tourists over recent years and it turns out theres lots of reasons to visit.  We all deserve a touch of luxury in our … Continue Reading »

Getting Ready For Our Al Fresco Holiday

Next week we are going on holiday to stay at Tamarit Park in Tarragona, Costa Dorada with Al Fresco Holidays.  We are all ready for a break and some sunshine and I’m busy getting everything ready for our trip.  It’s been a bit of a challenging week as on Monday I was walking down some concrete steps with my toddler in my arms and I lost my footing and fell. I managed to stop my daughter making contact with the floor, but I did … Continue Reading »


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Introducing Real Handful Snacks + Giveaway

A few weeks ago I went to a conference called Blog On MSI.  It’s a great event where bloggers get to attend talks to help them develop their skills and connect with brands as well as catching up with their blogger friends.  I was lucky enough to get chatting to Joe, founder of Real Handful, and find out bit more about his business venture and what Real Handful Snacks are all about. Share This:

Introducing #TeenTalk & How to Discuss Puberty

One of the most awkward challenges that parents face is when to discuss puberty with their son or daughter.  When to have this conversation is only the start of it.  How do you discuss puberty with your child and all the changes that the body is about to embark on without wanting to be swallowed up into a dark hole.  I have to confess that this is a part of my parenting journey that I think I failed at miserably with my son, … Continue Reading »

Why Creative People Need A Digital Detox Holiday

Lately I’ve been thinking that I really need a digital detox holiday. As a blogger I aspire to be a creative and inspirational writer.  If all I had to do was come up with great content ideas and write all day, my creative juices would be well and truly flowing.  I’d literally be able to create amazing pieces of content, one after the other. As with all jobs, even creative ones, there are some tasks that can have an adverse effect on the creative … Continue Reading »

Peter Rabbit DVD Announcement + Giveaway

Peter Rabbit really has stood the test of time hasn’t he?  He’s been in our lives in one form or another for over 100  years.  Peter Rabbit first appeared back in 1893 in a letter to a child called Noel Moore, the son of Beatrix Potter’s former governess.  He made his first appearance in the book, The Tales Of Peter Rabbit, in 1902 and since then he has been going strong.  His latest appearance is in the new DVD Collection , “PETER RABBIT – THE TALE OF … Continue Reading »

My Weekly Photo – Snakes & Scooters

Hello readers!  Please accept my apologies for not posting a weekly photo last week.  It was a busy weekend by all accounts and I just didn’t get the chance.  So this week, I’ve got a bumper issue for you.  I’m sharing two of my favourite photographs from the last two weeks featuring Princess and Little Pudding.  Share This:

Geronimo Festival Harewood House Review

On bank holiday Monday we bundled the car full of kids and headed to Geronimo Festival at Harewood House near Leeds.  I had been asked to be an ambassador for the festival a few months back and was so excited about going and taking the family.  I’ve shared on my blog some of the exciting things that were going to be happening at the event, that had been hailed as the UK’s Biggest Children’s Festival.  With such great aspirations, I was expecting great … Continue Reading »

Tips For Growing A Freelance Career

I have absolutely no regrets about giving up my my 9 to 5 job and starting a freelance career in blogging and social media.  It has really opened my eyes up to how the world of work has changed and what possibilities are out there for people to earn an income in more flexible way that suits their lifestyle.  I love that I now work for myself and that it fits around my family, whilst supporting them too. Share This:


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Things To Remember When Parenting Gets Tough

Personally, I believe that parenting is one of the toughest jobs you can ever do.  The responsibility of bringing a baby into the world and raising a child is huge.  Once you take on the task of looking after a child, that role is always with you in some form or other.  There’s no asking for a transfer or applying for another job.  Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, there are no get out clauses or notice periods.  Fortunately, one of the first … Continue Reading »

Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream

I was recently asked if I wanted to try a product from Beaute Mediterranean, and when I saw the Bee Venom Lifting Cream my curiosity was well and truly peaked.  Anything that has venom from any insect in has to be powerful stuff, right?   The Beaute Mediterranea Bee Venom Lifting Cream arrived and I was immediately impressed with the simple packaging.  I always have more faith in a product that lets the contents speak for itself. Share This:

Introducing We Are Tea + Giveaway

One of the highlights of my day, is sitting down after the kids have gone to bed and enjoying a nice, comforting cup of tea.  It recharges my Mum batteries after a day of changing nappies and keeping the kids entertained.  It’s 5 minutes of happiness that helps me switch from day to night, sinking into the sofa with my favourite TV program or catching up with what I’ve missed on social media. Share This:

Introducing Tengi Chat App + £10K Prize Draw

This week I’ve downloaded a new messenger app called Tengi to keep up with my blogging friends.  I had never heard of it before, but I’m all for a free messenger service that allows me to keep up with people at home or while I’m on holiday.  This app is a little bit different to other messenger apps you may be using though.  Tengi has an awesome weekly draw with prizes of up to £10,000.  Do you want to know more? Share This:


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Children’s Book Ideas: April + Giveaway

Welcome back to ‘What are we Reading’, a new monthly update about the children’s books that we are enjoying here at Zena’s Suitcase.  If you missed the first update, you can read it here. This month I’m dedicating the whole blog post to a new book we have been sent called Tidy by Emily Gravett.  Emily Gravett is an established children’s author with titles such as Wolves and Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears under her belt.  She has also won the Kate … Continue Reading »

7 Reasons To Visit Woolacombe

My faith has recently been restored in the UK family holiday after our recent trip to Wales and I’m already starting to think about the next road trip.  After a little research on the internet it soon became apparent that Woolacombe is the next place I would like to take the family. Now that my daughters are that little bit older, car journeys are becoming easier.  Throwing everything they need in the boot and taking to the road without having to worry about baggage … Continue Reading »

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