A Wilko #Craft Session

Princess has spent a lot of time at nursery since she was 14 months old. It was only a month ago that we reduced her days from full time to 3 days a week so she could spend some more time at home with me and her baby sister. There are a whole host of reasons why that happened which I won’t go into right now.

She loves her nursery, it’s a busy environment in which she thrives with a vast array of play and creative opportunities to keep her busy all day.  Imagine the challenge I face keeping her busy when she’s at home with us.  For, I bet it’s like going from fifth gear to second!

Having activities at the ready is crucial on days we are just around the house. Sometimes I create my own activities from ideas I find on the internet, but we also like to try out craft kits. These ready assembled activities can be a great for a quick activity and also help with inspiration for other craft ideas when you’ve exhausted painting, sticking and play dough (not that there is anything wrong with painting, sticking or play dough).

Wilko recently sent us some of their craft and colouring activities to try out. Wilko is not the first place I’d try for craft activities but now having seen their range, it’s definitely somewhere I’ll be using to find things to keep Princess busy in future.

Colouring wilko

Wilko sent us Dinsour Colouring, Number Colouring, Glasses and Flower Making Kit. After a busy morning out at gymnastics and watching the helicopters at the local airport, we decided to put these activities through their paces.

Flower Wilko Craft

What we liked

We really enjoyed making the flowers together. This was a great activity. There was hardly any glueing involved and the finished flowers looked great. It would suit a child from 4 upwards as an activity to do on their own. The instructions were great, being in pictures was so easy to follow.

The colouring activities were lovely. Princess is really into counting at the moment, so going through the book and getting familiar with the numbers was ideal for her.  We loved the copy and colour dinosaur book too. The pictures are lovely and colourful, easy for kids to identity how to copy them.  Having colouring books with an extra dimension to them like copying or counting was great at holding her interest that bit longer, and a lovely educational tool.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t get on quite so well with the Animal Glasses. The instructions weren’t ever so clear and they were a little bit fiddly. This was a real shame as my daughter loves glasses and I wish we could have produced a finished article.


I would definitely recommend Wilko as a place to go to for craft supplies for children, they are good value and often have a 3 for 2 deal available. We had a fun afternoon trying these activities and crafts out together and we will be colouring and making flowers again, even if the glasses didn’t go quite so well.

Princess was below the recommended age for some of these activities, which meant there was a lot of Mummy help going on. This however helped us have a really good shared activity as opposed to her doing it by herself.

Where do you buy your children’s crafts from? Have you thought of Wilko’s before?

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19 Responses to A Wilko #Craft Session

  1. Wilko is great for well priced crafts. I have bought things there for my son.
    mellissa williams recently posted…Caroline Creba JewelleryMy Profile

  2. Iv’e always got our craft bits from wilko’s, they have great prices! X
    Sharon Powell recently posted…The annoyance of social mediaMy Profile

  3. Sonya Cisco says:

    My 3 year old is all about the craft at the moment so is good to know where to go to pick up some bargains!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…A Taste Of ManchesterMy Profile

  4. Rachel says:

    Arts and crafts always seem to be popular x
    Rachel recently posted…Make-up Revolution HaulMy Profile

  5. We have a large Wilko near us and I always pop in to see what new craft things they have in store for both me and the children.
    nessjibberjabberuk recently posted…Kitchen Garden Notes – Autumn colourMy Profile

  6. Polly says:

    wilko’s is great for craft stuff, we have a cupboard full so the girls can get crafty whenever they feel like it x
    Polly recently posted…The best ways to relax this autumnMy Profile

  7. I love Wilko for all things craft and stationery related – great value and lots of choice x
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…Thrifty Thursday – A good store cupboard can save you money….My Profile

  8. We love Wilko’s, such a great range of products and the pricing is so competitive x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…Gratitude List #17My Profile

  9. Wilkos always have such neat little craft sets at reasonable prices
    stacey kirkbride recently posted…Book Review – Five Little GhostsMy Profile

  10. We have a Wilkos down the road and we’re forever popping in to collect kits or stock up on craft essentials. I do feel very lucky to have it so close.
    Healthier Mummy recently posted…My toddler doesn’t eat enough: part 2My Profile

  11. We’ve done a few of their kits – love the look of those flowers!
    Stephs Two Girls recently posted…Can Supernanny fix everything?My Profile

  12. Not to self:
    Stop walking past Wilko without going in!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Ryan Costello recently posted…Wordless FridayMy Profile

  13. Kara says:

    I love raiding Wilkinsons for some bargains – my two are craft mad at the moment
    Kara recently posted…Saturday is Caption Day – 27th September 2014My Profile

  14. From time to time yes, but most crafts in my household come from a Poundland
    agatapokutycka recently posted…Come walk with me! #ootdMy Profile

  15. I think that they have some great kits to get you started. I think that the flowers have worked very well 🙂
    Helen @ Witty Hoots recently posted…Learning Something New Every DayMy Profile

  16. The flowers do look great! It must have been so much fun to do them together!
    Joanna Sormunen recently posted…Ecuador’s National Flag DayMy Profile

  17. Sarah Bailey says:

    I had no idea Wilko’s did so many craft things – it looks like you had a lovely time. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Party PerfectMy Profile

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