Giveaway! Win 1 Of 2 InfaCare Baby Bath Bundles

This week marked a very small, but significant event in our house.  We have reached the point where we can bath Princess and little Pudding together.  Our lives have become a little bit easier, for now any way.  As all us parents know it can be two steps forward and three steps back with children.  But bathing at least will be a simpler task.

Not only will it make our lives easier, but it gives the girls something they can enjoy together.  Princess really enjoys going in the tub with her little sister, and you can see them bonding right in front of your very eyes.  Bathtime has helped us bond with our babies, now it’s helping them bond with each other.

photo 1 (2)

To help us celebrate our parenting progress the lovely people at InfaCare are giving two of you the chance to win a bumper bottle of its ultra-mild Baby Bath and its new Night Time Baby Bath.

Gorgeously gentle the original Baby Bath has been a firm favourite with mums for decades.  Mums trust InfaCare for their baby’s delicate skin because it’s so ultra-mild.  In fact mums say it works brilliantly on little ones with allergies.

Now there’s the new InfaCare Night Time Baby Bath to gently clean and care for your baby’s skin, ready for a restful night’s sleep.  In trials 70% of mums said InfaCare Night-time Baby Bath is ideal to use as part of baby’s bedtime routine, as the fragrance helps baby relax.  And of course the more relaxed your little one is, the more likely he is to go to bed easily and fall asleep quickly.

InfaCare Night-time Baby Bath is clinically tested, reassurance for mums that the formulation isn’t irritating on delicate baby skin.  Plus, it is pH balanced, so it matches the natural pH balance of your baby’s skin and hair, making it super kind and gentle on even the most sensitive of skins.

If you’re not lucky enough to win you can find InfaCare in Asda and Boots.  You can find out more at  and keep in touch to hear the latest on price promotions and competitions with Infacare on Twitter and Facebook

To enter the competition, just complete the Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

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164 Responses to Giveaway! Win 1 Of 2 InfaCare Baby Bath Bundles

  1. kim neville says:

    Splashing and playing with his watering can

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  3. maxine m partridge says:

    having a ‘swim’

  4. Splashing each other!!
    Beth Twinderelmo recently posted…Does Fat Equal Funny?My Profile

  5. Kelly says:

    Playing with his rubber ducks!

  6. jade brookes says:

    splashing me!

  7. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Splashing me.

  8. marion king says:

    the playtime after the washing he never wants to get out lol

  9. Viv C says:


  10. Ms Suan Watts says:

    Splashing and his duck

  11. iain maciver says:


  12. Carrie Hooper says:

    Splashing his hands around like a mad man!

  13. laura stewart says:

    playing with toys xx

  14. says:

    Making a mess x

  15. Julie D says:


  16. Rachael O'Mara says:

    Trying to swim and splashing her big sister!

  17. Kristy Brown says:

    Blowing bubbles

  18. liz ferguson says:

    soothing warm water

  19. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My grandsons enjoy splashing me

  20. Siobhan Davis says:

    My 4 month old loves watching me pour water slowly out of a cup, he loves it.Would love to be considered. Many Thanks

  21. Janet Coverdale says:

    The bubbles

  22. anne stewart says:

    My son loves to splash and play with bath toys!

  23. Angela Fitzjohn says:

    Splashing the water, they both love it,

  24. julie laing says:


  25. claire nutman says:

    Bathtime sing songs

  26. abigail edkins says:

    when i squeeze the squeezy toys and blast water on her belly

  27. KATHY D says:

    Splish Slashing – no one is spared

  28. jennifer mason says:

    the water

  29. Rena Plumridge says:

    Water begin sprinkled on her tummy

  30. Amanda A says:

    Splashing and blowing bubbles

  31. Abi says:

    Very cute :3

  32. ashleigh says:


  33. Sandra Lane says:

    The thousand and one toys we have to put in her bath.

  34. Maria P says:

    playing with the foam

  35. Jackie ONeill says:

    splashing x

  36. EMMA WALTERS says:

    blowing all the bubbles everywhere

  37. My girls love to play swimming in the bath.
    Loving life with little ones recently posted…Frugi- Gift of giving- A beautiful twirly bow dressMy Profile

  38. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    Splashing Mummy is her newest game

  39. kayleigh Bates says:

    flooding the bathroom

  40. Helen Porter says:


  41. Harley says:

    Splashing xx

  42. Stephanie Tsang says:

    Splashing about and playing with bath toys.

  43. Megan Adams says:

    Playing tea parties with his big sister. So cute to watch 🙂

  44. Wendy Smith says:

    Getting out!

  45. Pouring a cup full of water over his head!

  46. Charlotte rawlins says:

    Our bath is slightly slanted at the end so he likes to use it as a mini water slide!

  47. Kristy Smith says:

    Getting mummy wet

  48. playing with toys
    Victoria Mylittlel recently posted…Secret Santa for UK Bloggers 2014My Profile

  49. Jackie Chapman says:

    When I blow bubbles off my hands.

  50. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    My daughters love bath time apart from having to get out!!

  51. Pauline Goligher says:

    Would live to win this

  52. Rachel Smith says:

    splashing and soaking mummy!

  53. Kat Lucas says:

    Splashing and playing with her toys

  54. Helen Atkins says:

    Playing with his bath toys

  55. Lara Davis says:

    Splashing and blowing bubbles

  56. Jemma Taylor says:

    Blowing bubbles

  57. joanne mccarthy says:

    Splashing and soaking our floor!

  58. rachel says:

    My daughter loves splashing around and filling the bath with toys. Especially her teacups. i get multiple “cups of tea” when shes in the bath lol xx

  59. Mummy Melton says:

    he loves splashing and playing with his toys
    Mummy Melton recently posted…Persil Warm Spice Washing Up Liquid – ReviewMy Profile

  60. Mrs Rachel Heap says:

    playing with her toys

  61. sandra b says:

    playing with the bubbles

  62. Andrea Williams says:

    Splashing and getting me wet!

  63. sarah rees says:

    relaxing and playing with toys

  64. Rachel Craig says:

    Splashing the water.

  65. samantha price says:

    has to be the bubbles

  66. Jill Webb says:

    Playing with the bubbles

  67. tina edwards says:

    splashing and playing with her duck

  68. Chrissie Curtis says:

    Bubbles! and Splashing.

  69. sarah fisher says:

    being given “hair” and a “beard” with the bubbles

  70. Elaine B says:


  71. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  72. Becca Staples says:

    Splashing and bath books x

  73. Corinne Peat says:

    He didn’t used to like baths at all but we turned a corner and he loves them now. He enjoys splashing the best!

  74. Helen W says:

    he loves to make a mighty mess out of the bathroom splashing and playing with the bubbles but it is great just watching the smiles and hearing the squeals of delight

  75. Hayley Davies says:

    Splashing mommy!

  76. Getting mummy as wet as possible
    gemma stevens recently posted…Pre Christmas Giveaway.My Profile

  77. tracy nixon says:

    The bubbles!

  78. justine meyer says:

    my grandaughter loves her squirty toys

  79. Lauren says:

    Playing with bath toys

  80. Lauren H says:

    playing with the bubbles

  81. Clare Bartlett says:


  82. kathryn says:

    Splashing and rinsing hair with the shower 🙂

  83. Gemma Clark says:

    trying to swim!

  84. Barbara Bunning says:

    The bubbles!

  85. Jennifer Burnage says:

    Splashing and playing with bubbles

  86. Kim McCreight says:

    Splashing about! Playing with toys

  87. Jessica Powell says:

    At the moment getting out!

  88. aideen mcelhone says:

    Big bubbles 🙂

  89. leigh boyle says:

    splashing at me mostly haha

  90. Laura Pritchard says:

    Squirting water from his squeezy bath toys!

  91. Jennifer Toal says:

    Kicking legs

  92. claire woods says:


  93. Nadejda Prodaus says:

    Clean her tortoise toy with toothpaste.

  94. Emma Ferguson says:

    Splashing and playing with the bubbles 🙂

  95. nicole says:

    Playing with her bath toys!

  96. Splashing everywhere!
    Louise Perry Fairweather recently posted…Tea and Food Pairings and a Tetley Giveaway!My Profile

  97. winnie says:

    splashing water on my face 😛

  98. nichola says:


  99. sam henderson says:

    soaking me!

  100. Nicki Evans says:


  101. Paula Readings says:

    Soap bubbles

  102. claire fawkner says:

    Splashing and being nappy free

  103. Allan Smith says:

    the bubbles

  104. catherine plant says:

    he went to his first waterbabies session so now at bath time he tries to swim up the bath

  105. Christine L. says:

    My baby loves being able to play in the water with his toys!

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  107. Solange says:


  108. EJ Dunn says:

    The bubbles

  109. My little boy enjoyed splashing and having bubbles blown so it looked like snow. Hope next baby loves bathtime just as much!

  110. Maria Blythin says:

    the bubbles especially when we make our own by rubbing soap in our hands and blowing x

  111. Oh splashing at the moment, he loves getting me and the bathroom soaked!
    He also loves his bath toys and gets upset when he has to leave them 🙁
    More importantly, he loves Mummy or Daddy fussing over him, he especially loves it when Daddy baths as he can splash more

  112. leanne weir says:

    splashing me!

  113. Splashing about.x
    hannah staveley recently posted…Christmas BargainsMy Profile

  114. Kay panayi says:

    Making lots of splashes

  115. Olivia B says:

    Splashing around!

  116. eddie britton says:

    Putting the bubbles on his face!

  117. emma falvi says:


  118. Isabelle Smith says:

    rubber duckie

  119. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Blowing bubbles

  120. donna l jones says:


  121. nicola white says:

    splashing and getting me soaked lol

  122. Mrs Janet Thornton says:

    Soaking me through.She finds it hilarious

  123. Hannah Cummings says:

    Splashing me lol xx

  124. Susan B says:

    Splashing water everywhere.

  125. Rebecca Powell says:

    She loves splashing around in the bubbles

  126. Paul Meulen says:

    The Bubbles

  127. gracieg says:

    bubbles— and daddy!!!

  128. PAUL STANLEY says:


  129. Eleanor Powell says:

    The Bubbles!

  130. lynsey poole says:

    Splashing and making a mess! 😀 He loves bubbles!

  131. Susan Trubey says:

    having her feet washed

  132. Lisa Houston says:


  133. Splashing me when im trying to wash her and eating the bubbles lol! x
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Organix Goodies Christmas selection box.My Profile

  134. olivia Kirby says:

    My 2 little ones bath together so they like splashing each other and playing

  135. Pouring water through a water wheel

  136. Clare Hubbard says:

    Splashing daddy!

  137. Lucie Plant says:

    Playing with ducks

  138. victoria thurgood says:

    My baby is not due until Christmas day

  139. fiona says:

    Blowing bubbles x

  140. Julie Ward says:

    The bubbles and wetting everyone with his squirty toys

  141. katie w says:

    splashing the water.

  142. Jane Middleton says:

    splashing water and bubbles

  143. Natasha Patterson says:

    Throwing water all over the floor.

  144. Tamsin Dean says:

    generally slpashing about and making loads more mess

  145. katherine b says:

    Splashing the water and playing with bubbles!

  146. Keith H says:

    Me Blowing bubbles in the water with a old bike pump.

  147. Jill fairbank says:

    No toys at the moment it’s empyi shampoo and bubble bath the bottles

  148. Splashing about with his nappy and clothes off!

  149. Kim Styles says:

    the bubbles

  150. Dominique Ralf says:

    My baby loves splashing games.

  151. Sarah Cadman says:

    getting the bathroom as wet as possible!

  152. Kel Ellen Hirst says:

    Splashing water everywhere!

  153. caroline kelly says:

    Playing with her mermaid toys

  154. Helen Garner says:

    Playing with water

  155. claire little says:


  156. Monika S says:

    drinking bath water:)

  157. Zoe Coen says:


  158. Natalie Crossan says:

    Splashing around 🙂

  159. says:

    My baby loves kicking his feet and splashing .

  160. Joanna Sawka says:

    playing with bubbles

  161. natalie vezina says:

    kicking and splashing

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